Broccoli Tree

I first came across this tree several years ago during a 4wd trip. It sits perched on the highest hill of the area, overlooking the valley below to the east. It’s actually two trees that have grown very closely together and become interwined. It’s shape reminds me very much of broccoli, hence the name I’ve given it.

The plan was to capture two photographs this evening. I wanted one with the tree and the core of the milkyway above it, and I thought it might be fun to take an astro selfie, or at least my take on it.

Arriving as the core was getting into position, I started with the selfie. The idea was to setup a remote flash, and stand in between it and the camera, so the flash backlit me. This actually proved harder than I thought, as it was pitch black, and the framing I wanted put me into the sky. I ended up with this shot, my hands are a bit blurred as it was a 15 second exposure I had to hold position for, but I think the effect in the end is great. So, hands up if you love astro photography like I do!

A selfie of Murray Fox under the core of the Milky way near Boonah in the scenic rim of Queensland Australia by Landscape, Weather and Storm Photographer Murray Fox
Olympus OMD Em5.2, 12-40mm Pro lens, ISO 3200, f/2.8, 15 seconds

I spent the next hour working on capturing a photogaph of the Broccoli tree. This proved a challenge simply due to the width of the tree. I couldn’t get as close as I wanted without cutting of sections and I didn’t want to do a panorama as I was light painting the tree and it would be nigh impossible to blend the shots.

Moving back was the simple answer, I kept the ground as low as possible to get as much of the sky as possible, even then I only ended up with a select part of the core visible.

This is all one exposure. I worked very quickly with my torch, taking care not to blow out any parts of the tree. As a result a bit more noise reduction was required on post than I normally do, but the result came out very nice. As long as you get enough exposure onto the sensor, noise is controllable. I won’t be printing billboards of this photo, but it will print up to A2 size quite nicely. I’ve added this photograph to my Astro Nightscapes galllery.

An amazing Broccoli shaped tree with the core of the milky way rising over it, stands tall near Boonah in the scenic rim of Queensland Australia captured by Landscape, Storm and Weather photographer Murray Fox
ISO 3200, f/2.8, 15 seconds

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