Murray Fox

For over a decade I’ve been photographing the wonderful landscapes of Australia.

I started out with digital, utilising both Olympus Micro Four Thirds equipment and Sony Full Frame cameras. Now I’ve begun my journey, going back in time to learn, utilise and capture amazing moments on 4×5 film.

The burning desire to continually improve my photography is an obsession. I’m never truely satisfied and eagerly look forward to the next moment I capture. Seeking new locations, learning new techniques, and sharing with everyone the end results is my biggest reward.

Occasionally people fall in love with a particular photograph and I will help them purchase it. Whether it’s a print, fully framed, on canvas or with modern finishes like acrylic and metal, I will help them with the perfect solution for their home or business. If you fall in love with one of my photographs, simply contact me below and I’ll help in anyway possible make your desire come true too. 

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