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Murray Fox

Large Format Australian Landscape Photography

I’ve been pursuing Australian landscape photography for over 10 years now. The area around my home in Ipswich Queensland that encompasses the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley, as well as the magnificent coastal areas of the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and Sunshine coast, are all filled to the brim with stunning vistas, hidden gems, that locals know, visitors love, but many never see.

I have recently embraced large format film photography, using my 4×5 camera along with colour negative film. This format allows me to capture something unique to my vision, and allows for extremely large prints from such a huge negative. I still use digital, especially for my astro photography where modern technology is king.

I first achieved signficiant recognition in 2015 when my Redbank Sunrise landscape photograph was selected as not only the Landscape category winner, but the overall winner of the Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic competition. I’ve followed that up with category wins since. I’ve also achieved significant results nationally coming in the top 10 Landscapes in Australian Photographer of the year 2017 and top 3 in Landscapes for Top Emerging photographer in 2018.

My goals into the future are to expand on the collection of photographs I have created,  offer more unique products to my many clients and followers, and provide more eduction for people interested in learning the craft. Giving back is a huge part of photography for me. I am also working on creating more content for my youtube channel, vlogs and tutorials that will be interesting, entertaining, with my usual style.

I’m always available for a chat, to offer advise, even critique if your looking for that. I’ve made some lifelong friends during my assisting and mentoring of them in their photograph journey. 

Australian Landscape Photograph - Murray Fox - Skylines

Away from Film Photography I enjoy Nightscape photography during the cooler months, chasing the core of the Milky Way over amazing areas and subjects. I also storm chase, capturing mother nature at her most glorious and dangerous.

The pursuit of Australian landscape photography is my driving force. I’m doing this for the art alone and really enjoy the feedback I receive. Occasionally people fall in love with a particular photograph and I will help them purchase it. Whether it’s a print, fully framed, on canvas or with modern finishes like acrylic and metal, I will help them with the perfect solution for their home or business. If you fall in love with one of my photographs, simply contact me below and I’ll help in anyway possible make your desire come true too. 

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