About Murray Fox

Simply put, I enjoy many different types of photography. It’s the results, but the process of getting those results I love so much. 

I live in Ipswich Queensland Australia. This wonderful area is close to the sea, the mountains, rural areas and darker skies. Perfect for landscape and astro photography.

Landscapes were my first love and continue to be of great enjoyment to this day. I’ve progressed to capturing my landscapes using 4×5 Large Format film, again, loving the process and the results.

Most recently I’ve delved into Deep Space astro photography from my backyard and to say I’m addicted would be a serious understatement. Discovering the wonders of the universe from home is something truly magical.

I do sell prints or digital downloads of my photographs, simply contact me and we can arrange everything for you.

Be sure to visit often, updates are coming thick and fast again and I’m working on youtube videos for those interested in the technical aspects.

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