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Well I found another tractor to photograph. This time however, it’s gone huge! This is a 270hp Case Optum. With 4 massive rear wheels on this sucker, it has no issues getting through the fields. The farmer grows Cauliflowers, sugerloaf, and red & green cabbage.

It was a little tricky to get the right framing on this. Ideally I wanted the tractor a little more front on but that wasn’t to be this night. I ended up with my camera on top of pallets next to the shed, and had to be extremely careful not to bump anything, always fun when your doing long exposures.

I do want to shoot this beast from head on as well, really emphasise those rear wheels, so we’ll be back one night soon to go again. Many thanks goes again to Craig Bachmann for setting up all the spots on this great night.

So this is another one for my Nightscape Gallery, I really like how I’m getting a collection of farm equipment under that glorious Milky Way, something I’ll continue to pursue. I hope you enjoy it too, leave a comment below!

A stunning 270hp Case Optum Tractor under the core of the Milkyway near Gatton, Queensland, Australia, photographed by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox


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Plenty of more astro season to come, thank you reading and be sure to visit again. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to easily see when new photographs are released.

Until Next Time!

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  1. Awesome shot Murray. Can you please tell me what you set your white balance on for your Milky Way shots please. Thanks Murray…Cheers, Betty

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