Brisbane River Long Exposure

My plan this morning was to head to a new spot for me on the Brisbane river, not far from Ipswich. The clouds early were moving quite fast but the wind at ground level was almost non-existant. I started thinking a long exposure might be something to try.

Arriving at the parking location I began the walk down to the river. The first part of the track was pretty easy, patches of gravel and not too steep. That soon changed when I was confronted with waist high grass before the river. Plowing on (literally) I finally arrived at my location 10 minutes later, drenched from waist to toe, ahh the joys of landscape photography.

There was some colour starting to appear in the sky so I had to make some decisions quickly. The texture of the clouds was messy, so I decided, super long exposure to make things super silky. I would use a polarising filter to remove some of the glare from the water (this also has the effect of adding around 1.5 stops of exposure time. Next I would add a 10 stop neutral density filter to give me some very long exposure times.

With the filters off the camera I set the camera in to manual mode, set my focus where I wanted it, I put the aperture at F8 which ensured me everything would be in focus and give me an extra long exposure time. ISO kept at base 200 for best quality.

Now it was time for another trick built into my Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II camera. This feature is called “Live Time”. You press the shutter once to start the exposure, and at regular intervals (I had it set for every 30 seconds) the rear screen updates with a photo of the exposure at that time, and updates the histogram. It’s as simple as letting¬† this run for as long as you want and stopping it before it starts to over expose. I always have long exposure noise reduction enabled, the time it takes you extra in the field (essentially doubles your exposure time) you save so much more in post processing trying to fix the noise.

This photo ended up taking 8 minutes of exposure time and 8 minutes of noise reduction time. So it was a one shot while the colour lasted in the sky.

Amazing colour in the sky during this long exposure at sunrise over the Brisbane River near Ipswich Queensland Australia
Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II, Olympus 12-40mm Pro, F/8, 8 minutes, ISO 200

There has been very minimal post processing done to this photograph. A little bit of contrast added and some colour pop was all that was needed.

I took a few more shots as the light got brighter. I was really hoping the sun would break through and throw some direct light on the trees on the far bank but it was not to be this morning. I did like the smooth results I was getting however, and found the tree trunks were contrasting very nicely against the green vegetation. I ended up converting this photo to a very simple black and white.

A lovely black and white long exposure photograph of the Brisbane River near Ipswich Queensland Australai.
Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II, 12-40mm Pro, F/8, ISO 200, 4 minutes

With the bouts of wet weather and cloudy conditions we are having here at the moment, I will be exploring long exposures a little more often I think, the results are quite lovely.

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