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How to photograph Stars – Finding the Milky Way

In this tutorial, learn how I use 2 apps on my phone to plan all of my Milky Way astro photography photographs. Links to the apps as well as a 10 minute video tutorial showing the basics on how I use the apps from the comfort of my home and on location scouting.

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A gigantic eagles nest sits at the top of the largest tree in the area, highlighted by the core of the milkyway as photographed by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox in the Lockyer Valley of Queensland Australia.

Where Eagles Dare – Astro Photograph

A gigantic Eagles Nest sits at the top of the tallest tree in the area, beautifully surrounded by the amazing core of the Milkyway. A photograph by Australian Landscape Photography Murray Fox, captured in Queensland Australia.

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The perfect Australian night scene with an old shack overlooking the landscape and a wonderful dead tree, under the core of the Milky Way in Queensland Australia as photographed by Australian landscape photographer Murray Fox

Rural Nights – Astro Photograph

Sometimes the stars align, literally! I headed out with my good friend Craig Bachmann Photography and we met up with the owner of this fantastic private property. He had told us he had a great old shack we could photograph and we had no idea what we were in for. As soon as I saw the shack I let out a whoop, then I saw the tree and instantly an idea formed of how I wanted to frame this.

It took a few minutes for our eyes to adjust and really locate the core of the Milky Way. OMG! Straight out from the tree! Quickly we set about shooting, getting the multiple shots for the stars to stack and reduce noise, and one of them captured a meteorite! Geez talk about winning.

Next we set about light painting, and this was the first test of my new Lumanzi L1 light cube, WOW! This tiny little thing puts out a tonne of light, and it has gels. We used an orange one to light up the inside of the shack.

Combined with the air glow in the distance, passing cloud and some haze, there was colour everywhere in this photo. A few hours on the computer brought all 21 frames together to create the final image I had envisioned. Love it!

Thank you again to the owner for not only telling us about this location and opening your gates to us, but for running around with my light, painting the scene at my direction lol! Gotta love a free recruit 🙂

This photograph has been added to my Nightscapes Gallery where you can purchase it for your wall in many different formats, easily and simply all directly online. Custom work available, just contact me with your interest.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read, leave a comment below if you think this really is a great Aussie landscape 🙂

The perfect Australian night scene with an old shack overlooking the landscape and a wonderful dead tree, under the core of the Milky Way in Queensland Australia as photographed by Australian landscape photographer Murray Fox

Gear used : Sony A7 and Samyang 14mm, Lumanzi L1 Light cube, Manfrotto Tripod, Shutter Boss cabled remote trigger, and one property owner! 🙂

A restored queenslander house under the milkyway at night. Photographed near Gatton Queensland Australia by Australian Landscape photogrpher Murray Fox in tribue to Dale Sharpe

Tribute to Dale Sharpe – Australian Landscape & Weather Photographer

My photography and video tribute to Dale Sharpe, the best Australian Landscape photographer and good friend, who passed away in an accident this week while storm chasing in the USA.

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Photographer of the Year 2018 - Commended - Murray Fox Australian Landscape, Astro & Weather Photographer

Commended in Australian Photographer of the Year 2018

I’m very happy to let you all know I received a commendation for my entry into this years Australian Photographer of the Year. My entry was 4 photographs from my Nightscape portfolio entered under the title, Rural Nights. With thousands of entries all competing, I’ve very happy with the result.

Astro season is starting again now, I look forward to capturing many more creative photographs using all the techniques I devised and put into practice last season. I have quite a few ideas already planned, as for me if I’m not out there taking the photos, I’m thinking about taking the photos.

Here is a copy of the award I received, and the photographs I entered. All of these photos are available for purchase as an open edition print on Acrylic, contact me for pricing and details (free shipping Australia wide!)


Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite photo!

I’m out hunting for more panoramic landscapes this weekend as we finally appear to have clouds. This morning was a failed attempt but I’ll keep trying until I get the photographs I want. That’s the fun of working with mother nature, you can never truly predict what happens next. Until next time, thank you for reading.