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Big Holiday & Adventure time!

2 years in the planning since our last trip from Australia to the USA we are doing it again, only this time bigger and longer!

We are hitting all things Orlando from Cape Canaveral to Disney World for just over 4 weeks including another special section in the last week (more on that as it happens!)

I’ll be uploading lots of travel type photos and videos to my Facebook page, be sure to follow me there for updates and I aim to post here weekly with an overall update and Free To Download Wallpapers of my best photos for all of you!

So be sure to visit often as the adventure begins.


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A restored queenslander house under the milkyway at night. Photographed near Gatton Queensland Australia by Australian Landscape photogrpher Murray Fox in tribue to Dale Sharpe

Tribute to Dale Sharpe – Australian Landscape & Weather Photographer

My photography and video tribute to Dale Sharpe, the best Australian Landscape photographer and good friend, who passed away in an accident this week while storm chasing in the USA.

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Photographer of the Year 2018 - Commended - Murray Fox Australian Landscape, Astro & Weather Photographer

Commended in Australian Photographer of the Year 2018

I’m very happy to let you all know I received a commendation for my entry into this years Australian Photographer of the Year. My entry was 4 photographs from my Nightscape portfolio entered under the title, Rural Nights. With thousands of entries all competing, I’ve very happy with the result.

Astro season is starting again now, I look forward to capturing many more creative photographs using all the techniques I devised and put into practice last season. I have quite a few ideas already planned, as for me if I’m not out there taking the photos, I’m thinking about taking the photos.

Here is a copy of the award I received, and the photographs I entered. All of these photos are available for purchase as an open edition print on Acrylic, contact me for pricing and details (free shipping Australia wide!)


Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite photo!

I’m out hunting for more panoramic landscapes this weekend as we finally appear to have clouds. This morning was a failed attempt but I’ll keep trying until I get the photographs I want. That’s the fun of working with mother nature, you can never truly predict what happens next. Until next time, thank you for reading.

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Red and pink skies of sunset at Redbank near Ipswich Queensland Australia as a massive lightning bolt strikes down from a storm cell. Simply stunning landscape, storm and weather photography from Murray Fox

Sunset Lightning – Bolt of the year so far

Storm season is really kicking in here in Queensland Australia. The last week has brought wide spread storms to the region, some becoming very nasty super cells with tornados of all things. It’s the first time in my memory I’ve seen the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issue a tornado warning, with several dropping a few hours north of Brisbane and causing widespread damage.

Thursday saw a good chance for something around home, as I work full time I took all my gear with me on the off chance I’d have an opportunity to get something. Driving home I started to see cloud to ground lightning bolts (CGs) dropping to the west, but pretty close. I headed for the Brisbane River near Goodna as there is a great spot there with good views. Arriving I quickly worked out I needed a better view west so I moved a few k’s up the road to another higher spot.

As I pulled up I started to see the most amazing colour come across the scene. The sun was setting and throwing out amazing shades of red and pinks, with the actual storm cell being illuminated. I’m pretty sure I set a new record in getting setup and shooting. Camera on tripod, turn it on, into manual mode, aperture to f/6.3, ISO to 100, and shutter speed to live composite. I was getting a well exposed photo with 1.6 second updates. Start shooting. I normally run live composite for 20-60 seconds depending on cloud speed as they can start to look weird if they move too much. Second frame there was a massive flash in front of me, and this amazing bolt appeared on my screen.

Red and pink skies of sunset at Redbank near Ipswich Queensland Australia as a massive lightning bolt strikes down from a storm cell. Simply stunning landscape, storm and weather photography from Murray Fox
Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II, 12-40mm Pro Lens, ISO 100, F/6.3, Live Composite 1.6sec updates

We’ll jump for joy and high fiving myself, I quickly went live on my facebook page to show the scene and what was happening. As luck would have it, the colour soon faded and no more bolts dropped, I got “the” shot and my best bolt this year by far.

This ended up going a little viral on Facebook and ended up on Sky News Weather Channel, ABC News and Sunrise on Channel 7 the next morning, it’s great when others appreciate your work.

I’ve also sold a few prints on canvas of this shot now, if you’d like one for yourself, simply contact me and I’ll send you pricing details.

I’ve also added this to my Lightning Portfolio, so be sure to check that out.

With more storms due this coming weekend, hopefully I can get a few more shots in the back, it’s always exciting but extreme care must be taken, quite a few people were injured in the last round.

That’s all for this week, stay safe!


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Amazing colour in the sky during this long exposure at sunrise over the Brisbane River near Ipswich Queensland Australia

Ramblings – Storms a coming and so is Vlogging!

This weekend just gone saw a few cells start to pop up around bringing much needed rain to the area. Nothing major built near me so chasing wasn’t really on the cards. I had a play taking a timelapse of a small cell that passed by home using my Samsung S8. It worked well but I also made mistakes. This is a new thing for me so learning how interval time affects speed of shots, how to lock down settings etc are all things I picked up on. I also need to secure my phone better to a more stable platform. I picked up a tripod mount phone holder for just this purpose so look for more of those in the future.

I’m always looking to change things up with my photography and I think the next logical step for me is into the realm of video. I’m going to start with Vlogging all of my trips out to take photos. I’m sure they’ll be rough to start with, we all have to learn somewhere. I also think people will enjoy this as they get an insight into how I capture my photos, pick up some tips on the way, and share with me the locations I visit. I’m pretty sure it will also be super crazing during storm season too if previous chases are anything to go by.

I’ll be starting that this weekend so keep an eye out, I’ll link to the video and my YouTube channel here and on my Facebook page.

The Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic competition has closed for another year. This is my local photo comp and I really try and get some great photos for it each year. I’ve got 5 entries in for the landscape and wildlife categories as well as a few in the flora section. Fingers crossed, should know in about a month I believe.

This photo below is of one of my entries, captured on the Brisbane River using ND filters to create a long exposure.

Amazing colour in the sky during this long exposure at sunrise over the Brisbane River near Ipswich Queensland Australia

That’s pretty much my ramblings for now. I haven’t been able to get out every week to get new shots and I had a failed attempt at an astro last weekend. Just waiting for the moon to go again before I can get more. This weekend I’m looking to get a landscape photo, and maybe have a shot at an astro before the moon interferes too much.

Until next time, enjoy!


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Finding shelter against the impending storm, these cows may be in for a rough time. South East Queensland Australia is well known for it's storm season each summer, this system caused widespread flooding and hail damage.

News – My interview with Ipswich First is now live

Hi everyone, I’ve been away for a week visiting family, it was great to catch up with them. My parents live on the central coast of NSW, a beautiful part of the world. I didn’t do much photography during my visit, the weather really wasn’t playing ball. I did manage one sunset at a spot I’ve wanted to shoot for a while, colours were interesting, I’ll post process that photo on the weekend and share it up here for you all to enjoy. If it comes out well, I think it may end up on the wall at my folks place.

I recently did an interview for Ipswich First, an online website with news and interest articles for the area around where I live. The interview is regarding my storm photography and I share some of my work, some stories behind the photos, and some tips for people interested in capturing storm photographs.

You can read the full interview here :

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