Currumbin Sunrise

Days watching the radar showed that a patch of high cloud coming in from the west could just make the coast in time for sunrise. It’s been a long time since I headed to the sea for photography and I felt that this would  be the best time to make the 1 hour + journey. I decided to head to Currumbin on the Gold Coast, more specifically, the point at the northern end of the beach where there are some great rock formations.

It was an early start, leaving home at 3:20am I arrived in the Currumbin carpark at 4:30am, a very good run. It was an hour before sunrise so I started to prep my gear as well as admire some of the sculptures on exhibition around the beach. A few are lit up a night, looking very cool on the sand. By 4:40am blue hour was starting and there was enough light to walk the beach out to the point.

Some big tips here. Sand is still @##@ cold at that time of day, and don’t leave your shoes back in the car, the rocks really hurt underfoot. For my first shot I tried to get a good frame of the biggest rock formation however the tide wasn’t letting me play ball. Ideally I needed to be further north, but then I’d be up to my neck in water so I settled for this composition where I’m only up to my knees and had to run away from the bigger waves. This was still very early dawn light so exposure time was long, and focusing was a bit hit and miss. I couldn’t use a filter to control the sky as the rock was too high so I very very carefully exposed to just get highlight warning on the middle far left (brightest part of scene) and then lifted the rest of the detail in post production. It came out pretty good in the end.

Stunning dawn sunrise of Currumbin Rock on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia is this beautiful seascape / landscape by Landscape, Storm and Weather photographer Murray Fox
Olympus OMD Em5.2, 12-40mm Pro, ISO 200, 12mm, f/4, 15 seconds

The place was starting to get crowded and I wasn’t happy with any other compositions I could get with the rock so I moved around to the other side where there are some great rocky channels leading out to the sea. This time I did break out the filters and put on a 2 stop hard grad filter to bring the sky exposure down close to the foreground. Time to really get wet as I framed my shot and let the sets of waves roll in. My basic aim here was to let the water come all the way in, then take a burst of photos as the water receeded out. With a shutter speed between 1/3 and 2 seconds this gives the water detail but motion as well. This was my favourite out of the lot. You get wonderful lines in the movement of the water, you see the next set of waves coming, you can see Coolongatta in the distance framed between the rocks, and there is amazing colour everywhere, just great! I’ve added this photograph to my Landscapes portfolio I just love it that much.

An absolute banging stunning sunrise dawn at Currumbin on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia by Landscape, Storm and Weather photographer Murray Fox
ISO 200, F/8, 1/3 second

Once I was satisfied I had something here and the sun was about to break the horizon, I moved a little further east and setup above another channel running out, with a higher perspective you get a bit more of the view. The colour was still just amazing, and again, I was letting the water move as I took the photo with as long a shutter speed as I cloud, stopping the aperture down even further to help with that. I also put my ISO into low (100) which does reduce dynamic range, but helped get the shutter speed longer, so I was prepared for the trade off, and it worked.

A stunning sunrise at Currumbin on the Gold Coast Australia Queensland of the beautiful seascape view over the water looking towards Cooloongatta by Landscape, Storm and Weather Photographer Murray Fox.
ISO 100 (low), F/11, 1/5 second

So 3 great photos from a stunning sunrise morning. I’ll certainly have to head to the coast more often, forgot how much I missed the water after growing up and living on the beach in Sydney for the first 25 years of my life.

No real video this week. My youtube is something I’m still experimenting with. I think I’ll only post up in there when I have time to put together a good compilation rather than just a random weekly vlog. I’ll post up in my blog here when I do.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this weeks post. I do sell my photographs if you are interested in making a purchase. I can create whatever you need from Fine Art matte paper prints, Ready to hang Canvases, Prints on Acrylic, whatever you need I’m happy to help to get you the artwork you want on your wall. Just contact me and we’ll work it out.

Until next time!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful images!! Thanks so much for sharing the location and settings. Well worth the early rise and cold feet… clever, clever man! I am in awe.

  2. Beautiful captures! You’re so passionate about your photography. I loved the detail from your 3.30am start to sore, wet feet and relocations for best light, colours plus water movement. Perfect end results. Could imagine one on my wall😊 Bev

    1. Thank you very much Bev. I love to share the full journey, good and bad. The harder the effort the more rewarding the result in my books. Again, thank you for reading.

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