Foggy Purga Dawn

Well is a long weekend here in Queensland so heading out for a nice sunrise seemed on the cards. I had scouted this location using Google Maps, and the angle of light seemed like it would be good. Purga, which is located just south of Ipswich, is a favourite area of mine to shoot. It doesn’t take long to get there, its a nice rural area, and there are some nice peaks to the east that work as a great backdrop from the right vantage point.

This particular spot has two peaks right behind some great leading lines from the track in. I know Purga is also a local fog hot spot but wow, I was not expecting the amount of fog that I encountered this morning, nor how high it went.

I only had one sighting of the peaks, around 40 minutes before sunrise as the early dawn light and colour was pushing through and the fog was sitting just a bit lower. 30 seconds after capturing this first photograph, I lost sight of the peaks and wouldn’t see them again that morning. I zoomed in to fill the frame of this photograph, it also helps to bring all the elements closer to each other, compressing the photograph. The colour here is straight out of camera. I used a 3 stop soft grad filter to lower the brightness of the sky and balance it with the foreground.

A beautiful fog shrouded dawn at Purga south of Ipswich Queensland Australia as the approaching sunrise throws beautiful colours across the rural scene with Ivory Rock in the back drop in this photography by award winning landscape photographer Murray Fox
Olympus OMD Em5 Mark 2, 12-40mm Lens @ 40mm, ISO 200, F/8, 2 seconds

I stuck around for at least 20 minutes after sunrise. I really wanted the sun to break through and put direct light on the foreground. This was never to eventuate. What I did get was some amazing colour lighting up the clouds minutes before sunrise. Switching to wide angle to get as much sky in as possible, I reframed reducing the amount of ground in the photograph. You can see how the fog has moved away from me, but now risen higher around the peaks, blocking their view entirely.

This is a great little spot I’ve found, and there are some nice views south that should really come in handy during the next storm season. I really does pay to explore the back and side roads. I’ll be returning here for sure.

Amazing colourful clouds above the rural landscape at Purga south of Ipswich Queensland Australia in this photograph by award winning Landscape Photographer Murray Fox
12mm, ISO 200, F/8, 1/20 second

I’m progressing with my foray into film photography. I should have a complete setup completed within the next few weeks. I’ll then be working my way through rolls of film and look forward to sharing my results with you.

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