Highly Commended – 2019 Photographer of the Year


Well the results are in and I’ve been awarded a Highly Commended award in this years Photographer of the Year 2019 competition by Australian Photography Magazine.

I’ve been entering this competition for a few years now and always thoroughly enjoy the process. Entries must be to a specific subject (Landscapes in my case) and you work hard to submit a collection of photographs that are tied to a theme, presenting a collection as a whole. This years result is a step up from last years Commended I received, meaning my photographs made it a further round into the competition. I’d estimate I came some where from 30-50th in the Landscape category, not too shabby.

This year each entry was 4 photographs and I went with a collection of my Astro Photographs. I do know they all 4 while across a similar theme, don’t all quite work perfectly together as a whole and that limited how far I proceeded. The top entries were all almost identical in tone, colour, subject, and execution across their entered images, yet each still being unique. That’s quite a feat to pull off.

With my photographs the variations in light, colour, subject etc that probably differ too much for the judges. This self reflection I believe, is good for the soul. It can help you focus on future work, elevating your photography. I know what results I really liked from last seasons astro photography, the techniques required to get those results, and so this season I will go out chasing more of those photographs.

Entering competitions can be a great learning opportunity, if you take the results and use that to really step back and look at your work. Take time to go over the winners thoroughly and examine why you think it did well. And then decide what, if anything you’ll take away from those entries. I’m certainly not saying “oh I must now post process like that photo, or use that technique” it’s more about the general ideas. How can I adopt a more consistent colour in my photographs, can I vary the subjects I shoot to help.

The end result of all of this? You start to develop your own style, something that is uniquely and recognisably created by you. And that, for me, is true success.

Anyway, here are the images I entered, and you can see all the winners on the APM Website.

Be sure to visit my website weekly for updates. This year I’ll be posting my work here first and without the bad effects of compression that social media can give you. Facebook and Instagram will always be updated and I love the communities I’ve built there over the years, however this website will become the main hub for all of my work and interactions.

What do you think of my submission? Can you see what I’m talking about regarding the not quite cohesive flow? Did you enter? How did you do? Leave a comment below. I love to read them and always respond to every one of them.

Until next time, stay safe.


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