How to photograph Stars – Finding the Milky Way

In this tutorial I show how I use my phone and 2 apps to easily and simply plan my Milkyway photography.

Both of these are paid apps but relatively inexpensive for what you receive, I highly recommend them. Both are available on Android and Apple app stores, links below.

The first application is called Planit Pro. This application I use for the majority of my planning at home. I can pick the best times, check for dark skies, check what it will look like through any lens on any camera, it’s incredibly powerful. It also has very useful tools for landscapes, sunrise/sunset, finding dark skies, meteorites, star trails the list goes on and on.

Android Download :
Apple Download :

The second application is Photopills. This has a lot of what is in Planit Pro however I find Planit Pro is much better to look at with more powerful functionality. Where I use Photopills is on location, scouting possible shots. The Augmented Reality (Night AR) part of this application is amazing. It will turn your phone camera on, and then overlay the Milkyway over what you are seeing. Brilliant for lining up to the meter that next stunning astro photograph.

Main Website :
Android Download :
Apple Download :

In this video below I take 10 minutes to go through and show you how I use the apps, with some tips.

I hope this helps you with planning your next Milky Way astro photography shoot, I know these apps are indispensable in my planning and scouting.

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  1. This is awesome Murray…thank you so much for putting this together…you are going to help so many people and that is wonderful. I can at long last start to wrap my head around these 2 apps…doing the happy dance…

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