Late Season Storms

Finally after months of waiting, and with storm season almost over, we have storms! A late run out one evening to catch up with my good friend Craig Bachmann near Gatton was on the cards.

As I drove out it appeared the main active cell near us was pretty much over my head. Concerned we were to close we first headed to a local farm where we have graciously been given access for just this kind of moment. We setup quickly and a few shots in I captured this first photograph. The lightning was very cloud embedded.

Lightning flashes in the sky above a local farm near Gatton Queensland in this landscape storm photograph captured by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox.

The storm was doing some very strange things now. Radar had it moving towards us, but visually the storm was receding. We decided to move and made our way south. Some massive CGs blasted out of the system as we got closer, one of them going totally green as it hit a power transformer. Would have loved to photographed that but just seeing it was worth it. Again it looked like we were running straight into a wall of hail, so we diverted west again and headed for fields we know well. This was to be the best idea of the night.

For the next 40 minutes we sat there capturing lighting bolt after lightning bolt, the storm never really coming at us. This next photo was my bolt of the night, just a perfect specimen and I’ve added this to my Lighting Gallery. I’ve titled this Field of Dreams, as these storms are pretty much a dream come through for the local farms that haven’t seen rain in many months. This bolt went viral, making it to TV on ABC news and Channel Nines website for morning AM traffic.

Field of Dreams. Massive lightning strike near Gatton Queensland Australia as captured by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox.

This next bolt was very interesting. Besides having amazing structure and streamers, the scud cloud coming up from the ground almost looks like an inverted funnel, really bizarre shape but cool none the less 🙂

Scudalicous. Very strange scud cloud formation between tow massive lighting strikes near Gatton Queensland as captured by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox.

The final hurrah before the rain final caught us was this beautiful single bolt.

A lovely blue and white lightning bolt strikes the ground. This CG lightning was captured near Gatton Queensland by Australian Landscape Photographer Murray Fox.

By now it was time to go home, totally satisfied with our chase and captures for the evening. It’s been 4 months since I’ve seen lightning, the worst storm season in living memory for South East Queensland. However it’s great news now, rain has fallen across large areas, bringing so much welcome relief.

Until next time, thanks for reading, be sure to check out my other blog posts and view my galleries. If you’d like a print of any of my photographs be sure to contact me and I’ll be happy to organise it for you.


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