Lightning over the Bay

Storms had been predicted by the modelling all week for this Saturday. With temperatures pushing 40°C but very low humidity it was beginning to look like they wouldn’t eventuate. When a very small system formed straight over home moving east, I decided this could be something and made the hour run to the coast.

Cleveland Point east of Brisbane Queensland Australia is a great spot for capturing sunrise/sunset and storms over water as it’s surrounded on 3 sides. I sat for a while, watching the radar, I could see something coming, and a very faint cloud structure began to appear. Before long it formed into a wonderful front and as soon as it passed over the bay, amazing lighting began to fire from the clouds.

Rain made it difficult to capture the bolts, there was still a lot of light around so I had to rely on a 6 stop ND filter to reduce my shutter speed to 1/2 a second. Iso was set to my base 200, and the aperture to F4, which wasn’t over exposing the bolts, perfect.

I again used the live composite feature of my Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II, this allows camera to keep recording over a period of time, only adding new light. I actually only need to run for about 4 seconds to get this shot, the time added a bit of blur to the water which I really liked.

I’ve processed this to my taste, adjusting the white balance to add some blue to the scene, the grey was a bit too drab for me. Local contrast adjustments to bring out the white wash in the water, and make the lighting pop with a final pass through Nik Color Efex for some finishing touches and contrast.

Here is the final result for you :

A very tall lightning bolt strikes the waters of Moreton Bay east of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia as this storm system passed out across the water heading for Moreton and North Stradebroke Islands.

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