My colour 4×5 large format film Journey begins – Lagoon Sunrise

Finally everything is coming together with my journey into 4×5 film and I’m now on my way with colour. I ventured out to a local spot for the first sunrise of the year, thoroughly enjoying being in the outdoors completely by myself. I’m finding out very quickly that the process of using 4×5 large format film for my photography blends perfectly with the ethos of quiet contemplation in nature. Nothing can be rushed, everything takes time to do from setup, to focusing, to measuring exposure.

I’ve learnt to slow down, really take my time, triple check everything before then settling back and watching the light, waiting for the perfect moment to take the photograph…and you’ll only do that once or twice over a weekend.

Here is the photograph from the lagoon, the sun crested the hills and was sending wonderful light everywhere giving a great light and airy feel to the scene.

Bundamba Lagoon, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia at sunrise on Kodak Portra 160 4x5 Large Format Film by Australian Landscape Photographer Murray Fox

With a second shot loaded in the holder I visited my favourite local spot at Redbank for sunrise the next morning. While the light was okay, the landscape is not doing well. Drought has killed off all of the wonderful grasses, and the trees lie shattered on the opposite hill. I still took this photograph as part of learning film, and the sky colour was just amazing. I’ll return here when the environment has improved after much needed rains and try my luck again.

I left the film border in on this one, looks kinda cool 🙂

Gear used : Crown Graphic 4×5 Film Camera, First photo had the Graphlex 90mm lens (basically the kit lens). Second photo was using my new 90mm lens which allows many more movements without vignetting, should give some amazing results.

Both were developed at home by myself using the Cinestill C-41 Powder Development kit and the results were fantastic, highly recommended!

Until next time!


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