Path of Stars – Astro Panorama Photograph

This is a photograph I’ve been planning to shoot for over 6 months now, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would even work. On this night we visited a location we’d never been too before, with permission from the owners on the understanding we did not disclose the exact location. Very thankful to them.

A few hours into the night we headed to the spot where I wanted to try a vertical panorama using an ultra wide angle lens. This give it’s own set of challenges as the distortion usually means that putting the photographs together, just fails miserably. Adding pressure to it all, each position of the panorama had 5 photos so they could be stacked together to reduce noise. All in all, 5 stacks x 6 photos, each one looking higher into the sky than the previous one until I was pointing straight up and this is the end result. 30 photographs required, and it worked! There were a few areas I had to spend a lot of time on in Photoshop to correct, some trees cut off or missing parts of them etc. The ground has great detail, and that is pure starlight lighting that up, and minimal noise thanks to the stacking.

The core? Wow, that is some of the best detail I’ve ever gotten out of the core. So yes, this was a great personal success, a challenge I took on myself and won. I can’t wait to get this one up on the wall!

I’ve added this photograph to my Nightscapes gallery where you can purchase it for your own wall in many different formats, simply and easily online with no fuss.

I’ve a few more photos from the evening yet to finish, I’ll release them as soon as I can, including one that I think is super special, so be sure to visit back often and follow me on your favourite social media to keep up to date. Thank you for reading.

Path of Stars - Astrophotograph panorama by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox captured in South East Queensland Australia in the Lockyer Valley

Gear used : Sony A7 + Samyang 14mm. Manfrotto Tripod. Shutter Boss remote cabled trigger.

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