Ramblings – Storms a coming and so is Vlogging!

This weekend just gone saw a few cells start to pop up around bringing much needed rain to the area. Nothing major built near me so chasing wasn’t really on the cards. I had a play taking a timelapse of a small cell that passed by home using my Samsung S8. It worked well but I also made mistakes. This is a new thing for me so learning how interval time affects speed of shots, how to lock down settings etc are all things I picked up on. I also need to secure my phone better to a more stable platform. I picked up a tripod mount phone holder for just this purpose so look for more of those in the future.

I’m always looking to change things up with my photography and I think the next logical step for me is into the realm of video. I’m going to start with Vlogging all of my trips out to take photos. I’m sure they’ll be rough to start with, we all have to learn somewhere. I also think people will enjoy this as they get an insight into how I capture my photos, pick up some tips on the way, and share with me the locations I visit. I’m pretty sure it will also be super crazing during storm season too if previous chases are anything to go by.

I’ll be starting that this weekend so keep an eye out, I’ll link to the video and my YouTube channel here and on my Facebook page.

The Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic competition has closed for another year. This is my local photo comp and I really try and get some great photos for it each year. I’ve got 5 entries in for the landscape and wildlife categories as well as a few in the flora section. Fingers crossed, should know in about a month I believe.

This photo below is of one of my entries, captured on the Brisbane River using ND filters to create a long exposure.

Amazing colour in the sky during this long exposure at sunrise over the Brisbane River near Ipswich Queensland Australia

That’s pretty much my ramblings for now. I haven’t been able to get out every week to get new shots and I had a failed attempt at an astro last weekend. Just waiting for the moon to go again before I can get more. This weekend I’m looking to get a landscape photo, and maybe have a shot at an astro before the moon interferes too much.

Until next time, enjoy!


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