Ripley Stormcell

It was a long chase this afternoon. Storms were coming in from the west above the range but it was hard to predict what direction they were going to go once they came off the range. I headed out to a friends place at Gatton to get a better look and it soon became obvious I was too close.

Jumping back in the car I backtracked almost all the way back home and ended up at Ripley. There was lots of scud dropping down and the storm started rotating quite quickly. Hiking up a hill to get a look over the Ripley Valley I came across this amazing sight. There was colour in the cloud from who knows where, greens were popping in the core. Bolts were dropping down as well and the rain was coming on fast.

I took 3 series of 10 shot bursts and managed to nail this one shot with a bolt, very happy and thankful. Then the heavens opened and I had to walk back to the car getting absolutely drenched, I was not game to use an umbrella due to how lightning active the weather was and I carried my tripod as low as possible to avoid becoming a statistic. Thankfully my camera is fully weather sealed, just wish I was too!

A bolt smashes down out of a rapidly building cell over the Ripley Valley in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia captured by Australian Landscape, Storm and Weather photographer Murray Fox
Olympus OMD Em5 Mark II, 12-40mm Pro, ISO 100, 12mm, F/11, 0.8 sec

That was it for this chase, the rain absolutely bucketed down causing flash flooding throughout the area and built into once massive line that headed over most of Brisbane and the bay.

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I’ve also added this to my Storm Portfolio, so be sure to check that out.

That’s all for this week, stay safe!


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