Running Dry

This year I’m working on telling more stories with my photography, not just creating a pretty picture. Large format 4×5 film photography is aiding me in this process, allowing detail and colours that are hard to match. Being able to decide if you want to go for more muted colours, or vibrant saturation, just by changing which film to use, really opens up your creativity as a photographer as you are thinking in the moment, not seeing what you can do later in Photoshop back on the computer.

This photograph was taken at dawn on New Years Day 2020. Yes, I don’t party hard anymore when I know I can get out there at 4am and take a photograph 🙂 I’ve visited this location many times over the last 10 years and the current state of this Dam is very sad to see. The water is extremely low due to the continued drought. A lot of wildlife has left as the water is stagnating (be thankful you cannot smell this scene).

I wanted to try and show the beauty with the horror, I waited for the best light and colour to be in the sky but not on the ground. One single moment, one click of the shutter…and my story is told.

Bundamba Lagoon in Ipswich Queensland Australia at very low water levels on New Years Day 2020. It is very drought affected. Photograph by Queensland Large Format Landscape Photographer Murray Fox.

For the technical details. Portra 160 4×5 Film, Crown Graphic 4×5 View Camera, 90mm Lens. 6 second shutter speed, metered at ISO 100, F22 aperture. Developed myself at home using the Cinestill powder colour kit. Scanned on an Epson v550 with final post production done in Photoshop to invert the negative, correct the colours and contrast.

I’d love to hear what you think about this direction in my photograph, is it something you are enjoying?

Until next time, stay safe.


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