A moment in time. This is the goal of landscape photographers around the world and throughout history. To capture that one perfect moment in time.

Though the power of photography I’m able to capture those amazing moments and share them with you. From amazing landscapes, natures power, to stunning nights, I pursue those moments in time. It can take, days, months, even years to get that right moment. 

All of my photographs are the results of years of work and learning. I believe these moments I have captured are so special that I only offer my landscape panoramas as Limitied Prints on Acrylic, and my Storm/Astro photos as open ended editions on Acrylic.

There is value in art and my photography is my art. Only the medium of a high quality fine art print behind Acrylic glass can truly display the power, detail, colour of that moment in time.

I value my work extremely highly, as do my customers. I continue to create new works, I blog about my adventures chasing the moment, and share advise with people also wanting to learn how to capture moments for themselves. I believe giving back is just as important as creating.

So please, take your time, browse through my galleries, ready my blog, and consider purchasing one of my Acrylic Prints to be your own.