Sunset Cover Shoot – Kim Wright

I had the privilege of being asked to shoot a cover photo and additional portraits for Queensland Singer/Songwriter Kim Wright. With his love of Country music, we both felt my love of country photography would be the perfect match to create something truly unique.

I knew location was going to be paramount for this job. After working out a few locations and a few missed starts due to unfavourable weather, I decided the Little Brown House near Gatton would be the perfect location for the shoot. Again, many thanks to the owners for permission to access their property.

There are no crops in the ground at the moment, but the earth is ploughed ready for later season plantings, and these would create some great leading lines in the photographs. I recruited good friend Craig Bachmann to assist with me. He proved invaluable holding light stands and reflectors as the wind was still quite strong.

We arrived on location around 5pm, plenty of time before golden hour and sunset started. We spent a good hour going through various shots and a couple of these pre shoot photos made it to the final 8 images.

Once golden hour started it was game on, and as we had already been through our paces the shot progressed quickly. This first shot was something I had visualised for weeks and it came out perfectly. What I didn’t predict was what sunset would be like, and wow, what a turn on by mother nature, couldn’t have asked for better. To get the framing I wanted I’m lying in the dirt with my camera, taking bracketed series of photos due to the huge amount of backlight in the scene. Craig is off camera right with a golden reflector beaming that beautiful light back on Kim and the house.

A stunning album cover photograph for Kim Wright, Queensland Country Music Singer and Songwriter captured in this amazing rural sunset by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox

We then proceeded to take a few more photographs in closer to the house, some using flash, some using just the reflector. My goal here was to create some more personal photos for his album, as well as general promotional shots, the next photo having plenty of space to the right of scene for additional writing etc. The light was just beautiful.

Australian Country Music Singer Songwriter Kim Wright as photographed by Australian Landscape Photographer Murray Fox

We then headed out into the fields behind the house, to use the leading lines into the wonderful sunset and shot through the various changes in light in multiple directions.

A sunset portrait of Queensland Country music Singer and Songwriter Kim Wright photographed by Australian Landscape Photographer Murray Fox

It was quite a challenge to get the dynamic range of these photographs right. I had to bracket all my photographs capturing a base exposure, one that was 4 times darker and one 4 times brighter, then blending all together in post processing. Normally not too much of a challenge, except any movement by Kim resulted in it being almost impossible to amalgamate the photos. Kim was wonderful holding still for long periods of time.

A beautiful dusk portrait of Queensland Country Singer Songwriter Kim Wright photographed by Australian Landscape Photographer Murray Fox

Finally as the last of the colour faded, I grabbed one more closer in head shot for Kim, you can’t ask for a more beautiful or better back drop than this.

Sunset Portrait of Queensland Country Music Singer Songwriter Kim Wright photographed by Australian Landscape Photographer Murray Fox.

Many thanks again to Kim for the offer to take these photographs. I’m so very glad with the results, I really can’t wait for the album to come out. Please visit Kim on facebook at and be sure to like and follow him. Everything we can do to support our local artists is always worthwhile. You can also follow Kim on Instagram at

That’s it for this week, many thanks again for reading my blog. My photography is quite busy at the moment with photo shoots, one on one landscape workshops as well as my limited edition Landscape panorama Acrylic print sales. If you would like to hire me, learn from me, or purchase and Acrylic print, head to my contact page and drop me a message, would love to hear from you.

Until next time!

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