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Fast moving cell captured on Gopro Hero 7 Black video timelapse at Purga near Ipswich Queensland Australia.

Storm Timelapse – Fast Moving Cell

Well pretty much out of no-where some cells started forming off the range west of home heading for the coast. They moved extremely fast and chasing was almost impossible. I gave up on even trying to get a photograph, instead strategically setting up the gopro to capture one of the cells as it moved over me at a rapid rate of knots.

This timelapse is 20 minutes in total of recording time, compressed to just 20 seconds. The speed is very obvious.

That’s really it for this week, I’ve been shooting a lot more film, aim to have another roll developed sometime this week. With more storms due mid week there could finally be an opportunity to get some more photographs so keep an eye on this blog and my facebook page for updates.



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