Backyard Astro – Orion Nebula

Well I’m starting to get everything dialed in, learning a new workflow from setup to capture to post processing is always a challenge, but oh so rewarding! Tthe weather predictions (I use said the clouds would stay away last […]

Staying home – Time for Astrophotography

Well the world has gone crazy and many changes have come into effect and many people are suffering. For myself we are as safe and secure as we can be. We only visit the outside world for work and necessities, […]

Running Dry

Australian Landscape Photography - Murray Fox - Bundamba Lagoon in Ipswich Queensland Australia at very low water levels on New Years Day 2020. It is very drought affected. Photograph by Queensland Large Format Landscape Photographer Murray Fox.

Bundamba Lagoon in Ipswich Queensland Australia running during drought by Queensland and Australian Large Format Landscape photographer Murray Fox

This Old Shack – Making Mistakes & Loving it

Australian Landscape Photography - Murray Fox -This Old Shack sits on a property near Ipswich Queensland Australia. 4x5 Large Format Black and White Film photograph on Kodak Tmax 100 by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox

I made a big mistake when photographing this old shack, but thankfully film is so forgiving and I was still able to get a usable image. 4×5 Large Format landscape photography. Read the blog for all the details.

Time for a change – Where too from here?

Australian Landscape Photography - Murray Fox The Disney Fantasy docked in Cozumel Mexico

Back home from our month long trip to the USA and it was amazing. We experienced so much and to be honest, it was a good break from photography. That’s not to say I didn’t take photos, in fact I […]

How to photograph Stars – Finding the Milky Way

Australian Landscape Photography - Murray Fox -Plan it Pro

In this tutorial, learn how I use 2 apps on my phone to plan all of my Milky Way astro photography photographs. Links to the apps as well as a 10 minute video tutorial showing the basics on how I use the apps from the comfort of my home and on location scouting.