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How to photograph Stars – Finding the Milky Way

In this tutorial, learn how I use 2 apps on my phone to plan all of my Milky Way astro photography photographs. Links to the apps as well as a 10 minute video tutorial showing the basics on how I use the apps from the comfort of my home and on location scouting.

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In the field Video – Photographing the Together Panorama

One of my aims this year is to record and share with you in the field videos as I capture my photographs. I’ll also be doing more editing videos with the aim of sharing my knowledge with you all. All my videos will be shared here from Youtube, head to my channel there and be sure to like this video (if you do!) and subscribe to my channel if you would like to see more.

The editing of this photograph ended up being over 3 hours long due to the amount of sets of panos I captured so I haven’t recorded it for this photograph, will try again for the next one.

Anyway, enjoy this beautiful morning, and learn just what went into getting the shot.

Until next time, be sure to visit again soon to keep up to date with all my work.

Follow this link to the original blog post for this photograph and see the photo in full detail : https://murrayfox.com.au/together/

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