Welcome Rain & Storms 6th October 2018

With weather finally closing in on the South East of Queensland Australia I had a chance to get out and see what storm activity I could capture. It was very messy from the start. Some systems were pushing in off the range to the west, but others were forming ahead of it.

I started by heading south of Ipswich towards the Kalbar area. There was a nice rain core showing on radar that looked promising. The issue I had was a microburst of rain appeared over the exact area I needed to be in so I could shoot the cell. Not good. Going off the main roads I made my way along a few backroads. As always, if I see something I shoot it, regardless of if it’s good or not. I could see the cool structure in the sky but I needed a foreground. Some locals were taking cover under a tree (dubious in my opinion, but I’m not a cow) and this was to be my first photograph of the day.

A storm approaches over the farmlands near Kalbar Queensland Australia as local cows take cover under a tree by Australian Landscape, Weather and Storm Photographer Murray Fox
Olympus OMD Em5.2, 12-40mm Lens, ISO 200, 30mm, F/4, 1/500sec, handheld

Now the rain was coming fast and I was out of options. I noticed another cell on the radar was pushing off the range and had a chance of meeting up with this one further north. So time to run back the way I had come. I stopped at a spot I know that has great views to the west to try and get a better sense of what was happening. You can see just how arid and dry the ground is, any rain to fall is certainly more than welcome! In this shot I’m looking west towards Mt Walker and the system I had just moved north of is coming in from the left. It’s not clear now, but the main action is actually taking place on the other side of Mt Walker!

The dry country side south of Ipswich Queensland Australia awaits the impending rain storm coming across the landscape in Queensland Australia. Photograph by Australian Landscape, Weather and Storm Photographer Murray Fox
ISO 200, 18mm, F/4, 1/4000sec

After watching for a little while near Purga, right on the edge of Ipswich, I noticed a very defined wall cloud was forming further west of my location. Time to run! In the car and a drive through the backroads later I came across an active core that was looking great! Lightning bolts were dropping out of the main part of the system, bucketloads of rain was falling for a decent sized core. A bit tricky to shoot as it was also raining right on top of me, thankfully the wind was at my back keeping the water off the front of my lens. I couldn’t use filters to get a longer exposure because of the rain so I resorted to the tried and true technique of Spray and Pray. By counting between bolts I worked out an interval of around 15 seconds was good. So when I saw a bolt, I started counting, and when I got to 13, I would hold the shutter down and take a burst of photographs until my buffer filled up. I missed a few, but I also got a few. This photograph is my favourite from the lot. All 3 bolts captured in the single photograph.

3 Lightning bolts crash to the ground out of a storm cell approaching Rosewood Queensland Australia captured by Australian Landscape, Weather and Storm photographer Murray Fox
ISO 100, 12mm, F/11, 1/5 second low speed burst mode.

By this time the system was getting too close. Everything to the north of me is up in the hills. I thought the view might be okay, but was also concerned about being high when there is lightning around. I decided to go have a look, satisfied with what I had captured so far. By the time I got to my view point, the lightning had stopped, the system had spread a lot further and wider and turned into just really good rain. I’m never going to complain about that and I managed to capture the last of the structure as it approached the hills north of Rosewood.

A storm front approaches the hills around Rosewood in Queensland Australia as captured by Australian Landscape, Weather and Storm photographer Murray Fox
ISO 320, 17mm, F/5.6, 1/80 sec, handheld

And that was it, time to call it a day, head home and start looking at my photographs on the PC.

It was a good but challenging chase, quite messy so tricky to work out the best location to shoot from. That’s mother nature for you, rarely predictable, always beautiful 🙂 To the locals out there reading this, I hope you got a drop, as we all certainly need it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this weeks post. I do sell my photographs if you are interested in making a purchase. I can create whatever you need from Fine Art Prints, Framed Prints, Canvases, Prints on Acrylic, whatever you need I’m happy to help to get you the artwork you want on your wall. Just contact me and we’ll work it out.

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