Where Eagles Dare – Astro Photograph

Sometimes pure luck works in your favour. Having arrived at this location the first thing noticed was this gigantic Eagles nest at the top of the biggest tree in the area. The second thing was that the core of the Milkyway was in perfect alignment with it.

This photo brings out a lot of emotions for me. To start with I absolute love everything about the scene. The leading lines, the magical core of the Milkyway, and the giant Eagles nest at the top of the biggest tree in the area. The conflict with this is the very sad knowledge that the nest has been abandoned.

WIth no water for many months, the area is exceedingly dry and the Eagles have moved far away to be closer to water, abandoning what I think is one of the best nests I’ve ever seen. I hope fervantly that the rains return soon and that his nest can then be reoccupied, it deserves to be used.

The ultra wide angle effect of the lens used doesn’t really give full credit to just how big that nest is due to the distortion of making things further away smaller. It dominated the sky.

This is a single framing photograph, 10 photos were taken in quick succession for post processing. A stack was created for the stars to give them incredible detail, and another stack was used for the foreground to remove as much noise as possible. Exposure settings were F2.8, ISO 3200, 20 seconds per photograph, no in camera noise reduction. There was just enough star light to bring out the details in the tree and foreground, smoke haze on the horizon was lit by towns quite some distance away causing a pleasing glow in my opinion, adding some nice backlight and colour contrast.

A gigantic eagles nest sits at the top of the largest tree in the area, highlighted by the core of the milkyway as photographed by Australian Landscape photographer Murray Fox in the Lockyer Valley of Queensland Australia.

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If you would like to learn how to photograph stars like this yourself, read the first post now online in my new series of tutorials. This post teaches you How to work out the correct settings for Star Photography. More will follow very soon.

Thank you for taking the time to view this photograph and read some of the information behind it. Until next time, take care.

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